Bringing History Home

Battle Creek Newspapers

Willard Library Newspaper Collection

Search and view historical local newspapers on library computers (1846-present), or in the comfort of your home with your Willard Library card (1846-1923 only). The collection is searchable.

Willard Library Newspaper Index

The Newspaper Index covers 1967-to March 2012, citation style only.  

The index includes the Ross Coller Collection. Coller worked for 47 years as a journalist in Battle Creek and spent much of his lifetime chronicling the area's past.  After his death, his family donated his notes and work to the library.

Proquest News - Battle Creek Enquirer

2002-Present, Text Only. Full-text, searchable database.

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Request an obituary.  Dates of obituaries occurring between 1967-March 2012 can be found in the newspaper index.  Prior to 1967, you must know the approximate date of the obituary you are requesting.